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Training Your Bird Dog The Reliable Retrieve

Now that hunting season is over, it's time to polish up that retrieve! This is an 8 week online course that demonstrates the start to finish retrieve training process with FOUR different dogs with little to no pressure involved, that option is up to you!
This course also includes weekly live Q&A sessions, a private community page to share videos, ask questions and learn from other classmates. and a kit that includes essentials for the course and some extra goodies!
Course Cost: $350 includes the Kit 
Course without Kit: $325 (use promo code: NOKIT)

*Non-US Residents must purchase course without kit


Week One starts on Sunday, February 4th!!

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Weekly Live Sessions

Join the private Community page to attend live Q&A sessions, post progress and learn from others experiences.

Kit Included 

We will mail out your kit with essentials for the course and some goodies!

*For US Residents Only*

4 Different Dogs

You will follow the approach and progress of four different dogs. Learn to recognize and decide how much pressure, if any, is necessary for your dog.

What To Expect

*Follow the progress of 4 dogs with this approach
*Full support for 8 weeks to help you specifically with your dog
*Weekly Live Q&A sessions
*Learn to recognize and decide how much pressure, if any, is necessary for your dog
*Connect with a community of others going through the course
*No ear-pinching or harsh methods involved
*You’ll have access to the course for 6 months
*This course is only offered once this

What Is Suggested: 

*Dogs to be 6 months or older
*You will need to dedicate at least 8 weeks 
*Your dog will be at an advantage to know ‘sit’ and ‘place’ before starting

Listen to an overview of The Reliable Retrieve Course on The Bird D...

Apr 04, 2021

Course Starts February 4th!!


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